My chosen topic is :What are the employment trends and/or opportunities for Lati
My chosen topic is :What are the employment trends and/or opportunities for Latinx communities? OR What is the relationship between housing and employment among Latinx? What impact has COVID had on housing access and/or employment among Latinx? you can use either one. The purpose of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) Research Paper is to encourage you to practice critical reflexivity, and to help you develop a critical social analysis of contemporary social issues and/or topics associated with Latinx communities in the United States. The goal of the CDA Research Paper is for you to engage in a critical social analysis about the production of knowledge and how information and “facts” are presented. If you need help with developing a topic, research questions, inquiry and/or identifying sources, please email Professor Fernández if you need help and guidance with getting started. First, begin by signing up for one of the topics provided by Professor Fernández via the Google Doc available via Camino (and also emailed). Second, develop a research question or inquiry to guide your critical social analysis of that topic. Third, identify 2 media articles (e.g., news article, blog, op-ed) and 2 research/scholarly articles related to your topic. Email Professor Fernández these 4 sources (2 media articles, 2 scholarly articles) on the due date specified via Camino. This is one of the activities built in to the course to help you work toward the CDA Research Paper. Fourth, after Professor Fernández has approved these sources, you can begin writing your Critical Discourses Analysis (CDA) Research Paper. You are encouraged to integrate relevant course material (readings, media, lectures, discussion posts), where appropriate to support your claims and arguments. Please be sure to cite and reference all of your sources, including course material. Please consider the following questions to help guide your critical social analysis, thinking and writing about your CDA topic. You do not need to answer these questions in your research paper – these are meant to help you engage in critical reflexivity. What is your topic or area of focus? How is this topic important or relevant to the course? How is the topic being presented or discussed in your various sources (media, scholarly)? Specifically, is the topic being discussed differently and/or similarly in your media and scholarly sources? Why do you think that is? How are Latinx communities being described or represented in relation to the topic? What voices or perspectives are being included and/or excluded in these sources? What new knowledge or insights have you gained from engaging in this research paper? As you work on your CDA Research Paper, you will also be assigned to collaborate with other students, who also signed up via the Google Doc for this CDA topic. These are the students with whom you will be work on your final project. Together, as a group, you will exchange knowledge, share resources, and information to develop your Critical Discourses Analysis (CDA) Media Group Project. Paper Format Guidelines: 3-4 single-spaced pages (references not included in page count) Please proof read and spell-check 12-point font, times new roman, 1-inch margins You do not include a title page or abstract For in-text citations and references use APA format (if you prefer another format, please indicate that as a “comment” via Camino when you submit your paper)

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