My chosen corporation is Shoppers’ Drug Mart in Canada This media journal specif
My chosen corporation is Shoppers' Drug Mart in Canada This media journal specifically focusses on a large corporation of the student’s choosing. Students will identify a major corporation on which they will write a three-page review. Students must provide the name of the corporation they will analyze to the instructor prior to beginning this assignment. Corporations can only be reviewed once (no duplications) by another student in that class. The review will discuss the following criteria: A description of the corporation’s identified social responsibility policies. • A review of potential contradictions to the formal corporate policy as identified by media or other sources of information (internet based, journal based, etc.). • Discuss whether these contradictions are acceptable or not and determine whether, in light of these findings, they would recommend students support this corporation through the purchasing of its products. As with the other media journals, students will present their findings during in-class discussions throughout the semester

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