Must include the criteria for “most successful/best” and “least successful/worst
Must include the criteria for “most successful/best” and “least successful/worst” which are up to you to clearly explain. Define your terms first; then proceed to examine and illustrate through your two pairings. · 7 pages NOT including a Works Cited or Title page · Two pairings of a play/film (Two works of literature and two films). · Proper MLA citation (both in-text as well as Works Cited page); NOTE: In-text citations MUST match up with your Works Cited page. Otherwise, it is considered plagiarism · At least eight sources, a minimum of four of which must be secondary scholarly sources (film journals, literary journals, scholarly books, etc.; NOT fan websites, blogs, etc.—do your research. Find out who the authors are and if they are qualified/considered experts in the field). An intro with a clear and definable thesis, a body that supports that thesis through evidence/examples (both from the primary texts (the literature and films) as well as secondary texts (journals and books that comment on/analyze the primary texts), a conclusion, and a full and complete Works Cited page

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