Part A: Reflection Write up Directions

Respond to the following questions in essay form and submit to the corresponding assignment link on D2L. This part is a reflection assignment so you can use “personal pronouns” (ex: I learned, I felt etc).

1. Give a 1-2 paragraph summary of your experiential activity (what was it about? What was involved? What was the take-away?)

2. What cultural, ethnic, value or identity issue did this activity relate to? Reflect on how this identity can impact the health of individuals that represent this population.

3. What is a major challenge that this population faces and how can you as a social justice advocate work to reduce it or raise awareness of that issue?

4. What are two major lessons or takeaways from this activity and how they will help you personally and professionally?

5. How did the activity impact you? What were your thoughts/feelings during the event?

6. If you had the opportunity to do this assignment again, would your activity selection be different? Why or why not?

Part B: Discussion Board Entry Directions

Use formal writing (avoid personal pronouns)

· Initial Post (30 points)

1. Provide your peers with a short summary of your experiential activity (event title? what was it about? What was involved? What population is involved? What was the take-away?)

2. Briefly discuss a major challenge this population faces and how that impacts their health and wellbeing? (be sure to connect this to our readings to date and support with one credible source)

3. Share one lesson/take-away you had from this experiential activity? And how those in your profession can benefit from also learning this lesson/take-away? (ex: if a nursing major – specifically talk about how nurses can do this) HERE my major is public health, so please write about the public health professional

4. How can this event be used to raise awareness of the lived experience and/or the issues this population faces? include who should attend and why

5. Provide a discussion prompt for your peers to respond to

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