Module 5 Writing Assignment ARTISTS TO CHOOSE FROM: Cai Guo Qiang, Maya Ying Li
Module 5 Writing Assignment ARTISTS TO CHOOSE FROM: Cai Guo Qiang, Maya Ying Lin, Kiki Smith, Damien Hirst, Ron Mueck Use your web browser to search for the artists and be familiar with them. Select your favorite and, in your own words, write at least a two-paragraph response to the artist’s work in MLA format. A paragraph is between 3 and 10 full sentences. Your written submission, as with all of your work in this class must be in your own words. You are not required to reference a source for this or any assignment. If you do quote a source, you must properly cite it using the (MLA) method of documentation including all Internet sources. The first paragraph(s): select a single artwork by the artist that interests you, and tell the reader some basic information such as: what is the title of the piece? When was it made (the year)? What is/are the medium(s) used? Is it a drawing (charcoal or graphite or ink and brush etc.)? Is it a painting (oil or acrylic or fresco etc.)? Is it a sculpture (marble or wood or plastic etc.)? Is it a photograph (digital or gelatin silver print or black and white or color etc.)? What is the size of the artwork? (height x width) for 2-D, (height x width x depth) for 3-D. Please convert metric into inches. Then describe the artwork you have chosen so the person reading your article can visualize what you are talking about. Start to incorporate more of the visual vocabulary you will learn in Module 2 in your description. Utilize only the elements of design (line, shape, mass/volume, perspective, texture, and color) and principles of design (unity/variety, scale/proportion, balance, emphasis/movement, and rhythm/repetition) that correspond with your art piece. The final paragraph should contain an explanation of your opinion about the art piece you have selected (positive or negative) supported by information in your first paragraph(s). Do not make your Research Paragraph into a Wikipedia entry. Do not focus on the artist's life or an overview of their artistic career. In this and all papers you write in college, care should be taken to write with correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. All written assignments must be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format and a Word document (.doc or .docx). Any other formats will not be graded. If you have any questions or problems with file formats, please contact the MSCC Online (D2L) Technical Help Desk:

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