Module 1 Quiz: Criminological Theory, an Overview <Please note: this “quiz
Module 1 Quiz: Criminological Theory, an Overview <
Please note: this “quiz” is obviously open-book. Therefore, my expectations for your short answers are <
higher. You should write a paragraph (at least three sentences) and make every sentence count. I <
suggest you read the quiz questions before you read, keeping them in mind and taking notes as you go. <
1. Make a connection between at least one Criminal Justice policies/ and one Criminal Justice <
theory. The policy/practice may or may not be contemporary. <
2. Where do labelling theorists look for the answer to “What causes crime?” <
3. Which theorist discusses “shame” ? What does that theorist say is the role of shame in crime? <
4. What is the meaning of “anomie” in Criminal Justice theory? <
5. Which theory, or theories, would you employ to explain why the United States has more laws, <
more crime, and a higher percentage of its citizens behind bars, than any other developed <

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