Mock Speech Write-up: Pretend you’re a well-paid speechwriter. You will write a
Mock Speech Write-up: Pretend you're a well-paid speechwriter. You will write a 3-5 minute persuasive public address speech focusing on a current issue in society. You will NOT give the speech; you will just be writing what you would say for someone else delivering it. You will write the speech as if you expect someone to deliver it (however, still use 12-point Times New Roman font and double space). Your speech should be about 3 pages in length. You will be graded on the rhetorical strategies, the reasoning/argument of your persuasive claim, as well as the writing, grammar and punctuation. While it's not necessary to quote Brummett, I should be able to spot his influence in your speech. It's the difference between my noting that your speech reflects an awareness of, for example, culture-centered criticism and your writing, "According to Brummett, culture-centered criticism reflects..." Your audience will think, "Huh?" Q. How do I prepare for this speech? A: I've uploaded several speeches in the last couple modules. If you're writing for an organization or person, read other speeches they've delivered or watch them on YouTube. Q: For whom should you write your speech? A: Any person or organization in which you have an interest. Some ideas include (but are not limited to): representatives of the families of the Uvalde or Buffalo shooting victims; an administrator or alum addressing a group of college freshman; Apple CEO Tim Cook; or Joe Biden addressing Congress or an interest group. But your speech is not limited to politics. You may write a speech for a scientist, book club, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, etc. Use your imagination! Show me what interests you! Your speech should include on its first page above the body a line explaining for whom you've written this speech. For example: "FOR: The National Right to Life Foundation Chapter of Alabama." This should focus your speech. Finally, include a works cited page in which you cite Brummett and any other material you quote or to which you allude. Former vice president Joe Biden's 1988 presidential campaign sank because he plagiarized passages from a British politician's speeches. Don't do it.

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