mid term exam
You are expected to answer TWO (2) of the following five questions to the best of your ability. It is entirely your choice which questions you answer.  I wish you all good luck, and I look forward to reading your essays. 
Question 1 Throughout early recorded human history, patriarchal societies developed, with men in dominant roles in governmental, political, and social institutions. Yet women played vital roles in early western societies. What are some examples of women advancing to high-ranking leadership roles in the early West? How did women find important roles in societies that valued roles most often assigned to men, such as in the militant society in Sparta? In what ways did women achieve despite being in patriarchal communities and societies? 
Question 2 Ancient Greece had competing city-states, with divergent priorities. For example, Sparta and Athens held different qualities in esteem. What was a polis? Do you believe it was an effective means of governing? What did Sparta (as well as Athens) place at the top of its social hierarchy? How did this rivalry between poleis manifest itself in the Peloponnesian War? 
Question 3 The Roman Empire expanded from the Italian Peninsula into northern Africa, the British Isles, and even the Near East. It reached its pinnacle in expansion around 117 CE, during the period known as the Five Good Emperors. As this was a part of the Golden Age of Rome, was the period of the Five Good Emperors the true height of civilization for ancient Rome? Why or why not? 
Question 4 The Fertile Crescent is often viewed as the birthplace of human civilization. How did societies and civilizations spread to the West? In what ways did the West become a epicenter of early civilizations? What role did the Fertile Crescent play in the development of other Western societies?  
Question 5 Cultural exchange is a fundamental way societies develop, and benefit from technological advancements. How did ancient societies become more technologically developed? In what ways do technology shape the evolution of early Western society?

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