Memorandum – Situational Review/SWOT Analysis: This memo should include the SWOT
Memorandum – Situational Review/SWOT Analysis: This memo should include the SWOT analysis for the Project. • Situational Review/SWOT Analysis: The Situational Review aims to guide the inquiry. This section is a brief review of the relevant information gathered pertaining to the proposed problem/project and should include a SWOT analysis. Your team should also review what research has been completed on similar topics in other organizations, the same industry, or other industries? This may include both academic and business articles. Some questions to answer in this review are: Does the article provide supporting documentation of the existence of the problem, you have identified? (Your project should not be based solely on your own subjective perceptions, intuition, or opinion.) How have others defined/framed similar problems? What approaches did they use to find solutions? What solutions did they discover? What were the critical weaknesses of these approaches? What else have you learned from these studies to help this study be more productive? **Please note: the Situation Review/SWOT Analysis should lay a logical foundation and should not be a history of the organization! Criteria: This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome. INTRODUCTION/OPENING SEGMENT Demonstrates a clear ability to articulate the opening to the Situational Review and SWOT Analysis. CONTEXT: The Memo should include a more detailed discussion of the specific Situational Review and SWOT Analysis. GRAMMAR/SPELLING PUNCTUATION The overall presentation of the memo includes the format and identifying an audience.

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