Mechanical Requirements: -Typed: Times New Roman or Cambria; 12 point font, doub
Mechanical Requirements: -Typed: Times New Roman or Cambria; 12 point font, double space, 1 inch margins Direction: Part 2: Research In this section of the project, you will write a short paper on the main topic from the film you watched for Part One, to demonstrate your knowledge of that topic. -First, find one outside academic source and one non-academic source that relate to the topic of your film. The academic source must be a library book or an academic (peer reviewed) source. These can be found through the libraries online databases (I recommend JSTOR). The non-academic source can be any news article or website. -Using these two sources and the film, write a short paper (500-600 words, double spaced) that explains the topic in detail and how it relates to American Government. Remember to break up your writing in appropriate paragraphs (intro, body, conclusion). -You will need to include a References page at the end, in proper APA format. Make sure to use proper in-text citations when using the sources ou do not need to include a title page, running header, or abstract. Introduction Paragraph What is the issue/topic you will be discussing? Body Paragraphs First paragraph: summarize the academic source. Second paragraph: summarize the non-academic source. Concluding Paragraph Do the sources support or contradict the film’s main argument? How?

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