Math discussion 5
Select two questions from the following list: Explain what is meant by the nth root of a number. Explain the difference of finding the nth root of a number when the index is even compared to when the index is odd. Show two different algebraic methods to simplify 4^(3/2). Explain all your steps. Explain when a radical expression is in simplest form. Explain what is meant by the word rationalize in the phrase, “rationalize a denominator.” Explain how to find the domain of a fourth root function. Explain why the process of finding the domain of a radical function with an even index is different from the process when the index is odd. Explain how dividing complex numbers is similar to rationalizing a denominator. 2. Prepare the solution to the selected exercise showing the solution on a step-by-step basis. If your response is a descriiption of a process, concept, or problem-solving technique then be sure to show at least one example to support your post. 3. Check the solution if possible. 4. Discuss the method of solving the exercise that was used and possible real-world applications that could be solved with the same technique.NEED TO USE THE REFERENCE PROVIDED IN ATTACHMENT PLEASE.

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