Many philosophers study ethics and, with that, credibility (Aristotle called tha
Many philosophers study ethics and, with that, credibility (Aristotle called that ethos). A successful class includes committed students and a committed professor. For this first assignment, I want you to demonstrate your own commitment to this class. Using one short paragraph for each question answered, please address/answer the following: 2. Explain your time commitment to this class by developing a plan for study and class attendance. When do you plan to complete readings and complete assignments? Do you plan to keep dates in your phone, or do you plan to keep the printed schedule of assignments with you? 3. What are your biggest educational and personal obstacles to completing this class successfully? What is your plan right now to prevent some educational and personal obstacles from interfering with your success in this class and in others? 4.  Explain your commitment to completing your own work and avoiding plagiarism or other forms of cheating. Why do you think some students resort to this? Do they intend from the beginning of a term to cheat, or do you think there are other factors? 5. Did you read the course syllabus? What questions do you have about class policies or assignments so far? Do you have any other questions about this class? Syllabus attached below 270 words

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