Make a plan: identify what you plan to change, why, and what you plan to achieve
Make a plan: identify what you plan to change, why, and what you plan to achieve. This can include any part of the essay. If you choose, you can revise only the introduction and be eligible to get the points for an introduction. You are welcome to revise the entire paper – just make sure you state this clearly in the plan. Your plan should be an informative paragraph or two (if you are doing extensive revisions). I need to see what, exactly, you are changing. If you do not point the changes to me, I will not see what you are learning. Revise the essay. Your revised essay must address the points you identify in your revision plan. The Original Prompt for the essay : Purpose: to write in-depth about one word or a phrase and how it develops a theme in one or two of the poems listed below. Your mini-essay will go into depth by using at least two detailed examples that illustrate how the word/phrase uses different levels of language – concrete and abstract – to convey a particular meaning. I have included the essay that needs to be revised. Please read all the instructions. You must look at the rubric and revise portions of the essay. I have included the original prompt and poem as reference. You must also include a paragraph detailing what you revised and why and where.

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