M5 Assignment: M5: What Makes Peloton, Apple, Netflix and Tesla Successful? Appl
M5 Assignment: M5: What Makes Peloton, Apple, Netflix and Tesla Successful? Apply to Ford Motor Electric Cars See the Learning Resources link regarding how to summarize an article. Summarize the article and provide your insights and opinions regarding it. The summary will be used for a paper that you are preparing for a hypothetical presentation to Ford Motor's Board of Directors (building from the week #2 assignment). In addition to the summary, you will be required to take a deeper dive into concepts explored in chapters 3 and 5 in preparation for your presentation. Write a clear and compelling summary of what the firms noted in the attached article do to succeed in competitive marketplaces. Next, take a deeper dive into the concepts presented in chapters 3 and 5 as they pertain to Ford Motor's entry into the electric car space, and the kinds of making or buying decisions they may encounter. Answer the questions noted below, but as emphasized previously, do not repeat the questions but rather share the responses as though you are presenting your report to the Board. Integration of key terms and vocabulary is essential to a winning summary and a successful presentation script. In your role for this assignment, you are attempting to convey knowledge and understanding to a new Board of Directors regarding make or buy decisions stressed in your chapter readings. Neither a presentation nor slides are required; rather submit a two-part report which includes the summary of the article, and a narrative that weaves the answers to the questions noted below. If the questions are not relevant for Ford and the electric car market, you can skip them. Label your presentation: Ford Motor Electric Car Division: Strategic Value Explain the concept of value add for Ford's electric cars List the four determinates of value Explain the concept of unit costs, as it relates to the scale and scope of the electric car strategic business unit. What core competencies and capabilities might Ford Motor hold? What are dynamic capabilities versus sustainable competitive advantages (SCA)? With regards to the way different strategists perceive strategy, note the main categorical difference between Porter's view of strategy versus the Resource-Based View of Strategy. Describe value chain activities What is vertical integration - and provide two ways in which Ford could accomplish this strategy. Why might Ford Motor embark on vertical integration? What are the four factors to consider when considering a make or buy decision? In Transactional Cost Economics (TCE) how are human actors characterized? What are the three types of uncertainty? Assignments should be created and submitted as an attachment in one of the following forms: (MS Word, rich text format (.rtf), .PDF) as LastnameFirstName_Course Code_Lesson#_AssignmentTitle Due: Submit your assignment by 11:55 pm on Sunday of Module 5. Value: 50 points Estimated time for completion: 120 minutes M5WhatMakesPelotonAppleNextFlixTeslaSuccessful.pdf 27 February 2022, 12:44 PM

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