Logical Reasoning


Environmental Impact Statement (2,0002,500 words)

Your manager, Claire DeAir, has asked you to select and research one topic from her email (in the Supporting Materials section) and write the following components of an environmental impact statement:

  • Purpose and Need (approximately 500 words)
    • Define the issue or problem.
    • Describe the social, cultural, and historical significance of the issue to society.
    • Justify why you are proposing action be taken to address the issue.
    • Explain what you expect action to achieve and/or potentially resolve.
  • Alternatives, Including the Proposed Action (1,0001,250 words)
    • Rigorously explore and objectively evaluate at least five reasonable actions from different fields of study (e.g., ecology, meteorology, biology, botany, geology, physics) that could address the issue and satisfy the need.
      • Include no action as a sixth action.
    • Propose and defend a preferred action or course of actions, specifically discussing how it's innovative. An innovative idea is an original, new, or creative method for approaching a practical problem. It must be realistic or practical and supported by research.
      • Explain the reasons for eliminating each alternative action.
  • Environmental Consequences (500750 words)
    • Examine how each action under consideration would impact the environment of the affected area(s).
      • Analyze the environmental effects of each action.
        • Discuss the energy requirements (if applicable) and the conservation potential of each action.
        • Describe the effect of each action on natural and depletable resources.
      • Analyze the human effects of each action.
    • Assess the direct and indirect effects of the reasonable actions and their significance.
      • Avoid assessing the impacts (long-term, near-term, certain, uncertain), since readers may value these differently.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Environmental Impact Statement (2,0002,500 words)
Develop the purpose and need, alternatives including the proposed action, and environmental consequences sections of an environmental impact statement (EIS) based on research on an issue identified in Claire DeAirs email, which is available in the Supporting Materials section.

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