Literature: Antigone You can choose research paper or annotated bibliography. Ac
Literature: Antigone You can choose research paper or annotated bibliography. According to the Student Learning Outcomes for this course, students are required to demonstrate the ability to produce an MLA Style research project or portfolio. For this class, students are required to produce either a 4-to-6-page Literary Research Essay or an Annotated Bibliography, utilizing at least 4 - 5 sources found in the MLA International Bibliography, which deals with one of the works covered in the course. (The course textbook, World Literature, Parts 1, 2, and 3, may be used as a primary source in addition to the required 4 - 5 secondary sources.) Research Essay 1. Instructions: Analyze and interpret a thought-provoking theme, character, passage, or concept found in the literary piece that you have selected to research. Develop an argument/thesis. Be specific. Do not simply summarize or restate ideas covered in critical essays, discussions, or otherwise found elsewhere. Rather, use a unique framework for developing your own argument. Support your argument with relevant textual evidence (in the form of short quotes) from the essay. 2. Mandatory requirements: The Research Essay must have a clear thesis statement in its initial paragraph. This thesis statement should express an arguable proposition. Weak: “Oedipus Rex is a literary work filled with irony.” Yes, indeed. However, there is not much debate possible here. It states the obvious in a vague fashion. This is not a passable thesis statement. Strong: “Sophocles uses irony in Oedipus Rex to serve the larger message of the play: Fate is inescapable, and there is ultimately no free will.” This is a much more substantial purpose / thesis statement. There is an original analysis present here, with a clearly stated thesis that makes the reader wonder how this stance will be proven. 3. Sources: At least 4 – 5 sources must be utilized to support the unique thesis of each Research Essay. These sources must come from peer-reviewed journal articles found in the MLA International Bibliography (literature and language). Students should access the MLA International Bibliography through the EGSC Library web page. (From the “ Homepage,” select the “Academics” tab and “Library.” From the Library page, use the “GALILEO” box in the center of the page, select “Browse Databases by Category” and scroll down to “Literature, Language, and Literary Criticism.” From here, select “Literature and Literary Criticism.” From the list that follows, select “MLA International Bibliography (literature and language).” This last choice will land on a search tool known as “EBSCO Host,” which is the tool that will search the MLA Bibliography for articles to be used as sources for your research essay. Be sure to check the box for “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals” and “Linked Full Text.” Selecting “Find any of my search terms” will yield the most results. You may want to experiment with the other “Search Modes” to determine which one will yield the best results for your search. 4. Resources: Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you have about the Research Essay assignment. The best way to do so would be to email me at For information about MLA Format, please consult the Purdue University Online Writing Lab ( There is also help available at EGSC’s Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Annotated Bibliography • Please see #3 Sources above. • The Annotated Bibliography document should have an MLA Style Heading at the top left of the first page. Pages should be numbered. The entire document should be 4-to-6 pages in length. • Each new article should begin with an MLA Style Works Cited citation. Be sure to begin with the author’s last name and to indent each line after the first. • For each article there should be a Summary section outlining each of the article’s major points (at least three per article). • For each article there should be an Analysis section evaluating each article’s arguments (at least three major points per article) • Like the Research Essay option, the Annotated Bibliography in total should be 4-to-6 pages in length.

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