Listen to the Expanding Nation Online Lecture and take notes just like you are i
Listen to the Expanding Nation Online Lecture and take notes just like you are in class. That means you won't be graded on grammar. For example, you can use sentence fragments. Download the Expanding Nation Notes Outline (below these instructions in the module) and type your notes onto the outline I provided. Your notes must be typed. How is your grade determined? 1) It must be at least 1,000 words (my outline words do count in the total). 2) You must go all the way to the end of the lecture. 3) The instructions say that you must get your notes from the lecture. That means you can't go to Wikipedia and just paste their information into the outline. That will get you a zero. First of all, my exam questions are based on what I say in the lecture and not what Wikipedia says on the topic so that would hurt you on the exam. Second, when I review the notes I can easily tell who used Wikipedia because they have all this information I didn't say in the lecture! 4) The format needs to be a .doc, .docx, or rich text (.rtf). No PDFs or you lose points. 5) Remember your word count tool may not agree with my word count tool. So don't stop exactly at 1,000 words. Give yourself a cushion; for example go at least 1,050 because I will not count your words by hands. I will have over 100 students doing this assignment in various classes! 6) This is like taking notes in a traditional class. I don't grade grammar! You can use sentence fragments and abbreviations. However, be careful that abbreviations don't stop you from reaching 1,050 words! **This assignment is worth 100 points. ***Remember there will be exam questions of these notes.

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