Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me le
Learning Goal: I'm working on a writing question and need guidance to help me learn. Please see attached file for one chapter to start with. The instructions are to read the chapter in its entirety, summarizing the chapter, based off of each section, outlining the main points of each section. Below is an example of a section summary, from part of an older chapter. (This is to give you an idea of what is expected. See below snip:) ["Although human knowledge is mostly incomplete or ambiguous to a point, faulty and wrong, people still manage to get through everyday life, because we have this ability to combine the knowledge in our heads with the knowledge in the surrounding world. This ability is irrespective of the mismatch or discrepancy between precise human behavior and their imprecise knowledge, given that not every knowledge contributing to a given behavior, has to be in the head. Therefore, if the knowledge is distributed in the head, in the world, and partly in the constraints of the world, then a person will act in a particular way, aside from his or her imprecise knowledge e.g., how a nonreader can hide their inability, even in situations where tasks require reading skills. Generally, this knowledge is distributed in three important avenues: - Knowledge in the head (Our short-term and long-term memory) - knowledge in the world - Constraints of the world (both cultural and natural) etc. "]

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