Learning Goal: I’m working on a social work test / quiz prep and need a referenc
Learning Goal: I'm working on a social work test / quiz prep and need a reference to help me learn.InstructionsIn a casual context, answer each short-answer questions in this survey by writing your experience of the organizations who hosted the event you attended or for the social worker who works with them. Discuss the have lived experiences with implementing social change by including your debrief discussion with social workers/community workers directly. (e.g. attend community event, upload photo, debrief with social worker/community works through interview/discussion). When attending event, assess theorganizations' approach to implementing conducting meeting and approach to social change. You will also include reflective thoughts of your personal experience participating with the community directly. Compare the concepts from the formal textbook/evidence-based practices versus the Real World experience (e.g. challenges securing funding, bias, conflict amongst groups, distrust amongst community members, unclear goal, etc.) This quiz questionnaire is worth 15% of final course grade; grading will be conducted separately from this format. Requirements: depend   |   .doc file

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