Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science writing question and need an expl
Learning Goal: I'm working on a social science writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Please respond to Christopher with 150 words: I wish I could take back many incidents in my life, especially at work. As a party chief in land surveying, I often would get frustrated and blow up in front of my men because I did not know how to deal with the pressure that was put on me to finish the job. There were cuss words and even times when I would want to knock the guy out because he refused to listen or we were having a bad day. Those were way back when workplace violence wasn't an issue like it is today. I'm not proud of those days, but fortunately, I could control myself, so no one got hurt. Those days we didn't have a workplace violence course to attend. We assumed we would work it out in the field. We used to say what happens in the field stays in the field. But eventually, it does affect you, especially if you have to work with someone you dislike every day. If I were put in that same situation today, I would try to communicate better with my men. If that didn't work, then I would approach management and make them understand there is an issue with one of my coworkers that ought to get resolved, so that we can work together to finish the job. Growing older has given me a different perspective on life and my place as a leader in the workforce. I understand now that we are all under pressure, whether personal or job-related and no matter the problem, you can always work it out with dignity and respect to others around you. Requirements: Occupational Health and Safety   |   .doc file

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