Learning Goal: I’m working on a social science discussion question and need an e
Learning Goal: I'm working on a social science discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Objectives To provide the student with the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to analyze a problem and a policy proposal To enhance the student’s ability to research both sides of policy issue To increase the student’s ability to engage in reasoned refutation To improve the student’s ability to construct and present reasoned arguments in a written form To demonstrate to the student that there are sound arguments on both sides of any real controversy Requirements Each student will prepare a paper in which he/she refutes the proposition supported in their advocacy speech. Students may argue against any or all of the stock issues advanced by the advocate of change, but will most profitably focus on cure. In this paper, students will pick (1) independent, enumerated reasons to reject the proposition (part of speech). In addition, each reason should be supported with citations to/quotations from credible sources. Please use the declarative refutation process. REFUTATION PAPER SHOULD BE ABOUT A HALF PAGE. BE CONCISE. PLEASE FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE BELOW: Response to “implementing Canada’s healthcare system in the United States could help cover millions of Americans to ensure they receive quality healthcare. (taken from the CURE section of an advocacy speech) Counterclaim: While Canada’s healthcare model will ensure that Americans are covered, there are still some exceptions to coverage. (Established a clear point of clash) Support: According to the Business insider of November 22, 2019, “not all costs are covered by the government — private or employer-based insurance pays for dental visits, eye care and prescription drugs.” (One oral citation) Impact: This means disparities in healthcare will still exist in the United States. (Why my argument is stronger than my “opponents”) Required: One citation (source)

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