Learning Goal: I’m working on a shakespeare writing question and need a sample d
Learning Goal: I'm working on a shakespeare writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Unfortunately, I got a low grade of 19/30 but luckily, I can resubmit it again, so can you make a revision based on the feedback and the instructions. I will add a tip after the work is perfectly done.Feedback: Please review the assignment prompt. Secondly, there's also a need to review the assignment rubric to get a better sense of what your annotations should accomplish. Your annotations were largely summaries, but that’s not the only thing you needed to do.The grading rubric for the assignment lays out what each annotation needed.the assignment use JSTOR and/or any other bibliographical search engine to compile an annotated library guide aimed at next year’s students to four key articles about King Lear . Your guide should give a full, clear reference; a summary of the article; a sense of where the article stands in relation to the critical debate about the play; and your own critical assessment of the article: what does it do well? what ideas are useful? what do you find less convincing? (300 words per article).You will be assessed on:choice of four articles likely to help future students and clear references to them that will allow future students to find those articles easily clear, concise, and accurate summaries that demonstrate your understanding of the articles and situate the articles in the critical debates about the play your ability to assess the articles critically and take your own stance on the ideas to have better understaing of the annotated bibliography,This website provides a sample of an annotated bib: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/common_...note: the articlas only on King Lear play Requirements: 1200   |   .doc file

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