Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries question and need support t
Learning Goal: I'm working on a research & summaries question and need support to help me learn.This order is to find topics of researches that I want to start, so I want to choose topics based on specific journals then I’ll open new order for each research.Please read carefully, I want you first to look at researches published in the following journals, see the aim and scopes of these journals, also, see the methods they usually accept, CHECK DIFFERENT ISSUES on the journal web.Second, I want you to suggest 10 topics based on the researches published in these journalshttps://www.tandfonline.com/journals/ceds20https://www.tandfonline.com/action/authorSubmission?journalCode=CBRE20&page=instructions#styleThe topic you suggest must be:1- it must be related to (teaching – curriculum – or instruction technology), and if it must be about specific subject, make it (Religious studies). For example, if the sample will be teachers, they will be teachers of religious courses in Saudi Arabia.2- When you suggest a topic, give me small description (informal) tell me: what methods you will use (qualitative- quantitative-or mix methods), and is it systematic review or empirical research? Who is the participant if it is empirical research? If it is about specific region, it will be Saudi Arabia.I will collect data if needed, so I will open multiple orders with same writer till we finish.3- You should give me the name of the research that you follow from the previous journals.Please send me topics with descriptions and sample names of the articles Requirements: 10

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