Learning Goal: I’m working on a r project and need support to help me learn. Con
Learning Goal: I'm working on a r project and need support to help me learn. Consider adding at least 2 additional functionalities to make your implementation more sophisticated, which will help your project stand out!Potential ideas to consider in advancing your code:Add variable utility costs function which depends on how many people showed up to your theater.Add fixed costs function to calculate property rent, insurance cost, and employee and manager costs.Model your simulation after a real theater in your area and find out what a real theater actually charges and how many people each theater can seat.Put your code into a function that is easily callable and add enough comments to your code to make it more readable.Think about what days are the busiest at real theaters and reflect that in your code.Add time and the ability to show multiple movies on the same screen each day versus showing one movie on one screen each day.Offer presale tickets at a discounted rate.****I finished 3 of these functions, 2 of them are left Requirements: SHORT

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