Learning Goal: I’m working on a public service multi-part question and need a sa
Learning Goal: I'm working on a public service multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn. intergovernmental relations concerns how governments work together to provide services to the public. When we think about the 90,000 local governments in the United States, it is easy to assume that the leaders of each government has the public’s best interest in mind and therefore, must be somewhat on the same page when carrying out their respective duties to provide public goods and services. Specifically, you will look at how local governments (the focus of PA 310) - which are closest to the people and are held more accountable - often are hampered in their efforts to protect their citizens' lives and health when there is inaction at the state or the federal level, or lack of communication between two local governments. You’ll critically how this lack of coordination impacted the public’s health and safety and what lessons could be learned and applied when government agencies respond to future crises. After reviewing the documentary (Flint’s Deadly Water,) please respond to each of the prompts for a total of at least one singled-spaced) page essay. What aspects of the crisis were the City of Flint officials powerless in addressing the needs of their residents? If this same crisis had affected communities in a different socio-economic group, do you believe the collective response from government would have been the same? Substantiate your response by examples and info provided in the documentary. What can other local and state governments learn from this water crisis? ~I have attached the documents from course materials below for further assistance. ~

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