Learning Goal: I’m working on a other question and need an explanation and answe
Learning Goal: I'm working on a other question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Answer questions below from reading Chapter 1. According to chapter 1 of the textbook, we are examining the criminal justice system byfocusing on the _____ perspective in this class?2. What is the difference between legal issues, ethical issues, and ethical dilemmas? Referto the textbook chapter 1 discussion involving Florida State’s Attorney Aramis Ayala andher refusal to seek capital punishment for the defendant accused of killing a policeofficer.3. Which professionals in the criminal legal system have discretion in the performance oftheir job?4. Why is it important for professionals who make discretionary decisions to have a strongfoundation in ethics? Refer to reasons Felkenes provided to explain why the study ofethics was important for criminal system professionals.5. How are the terms “values,” “morals,” “ethics” “duties,” and “superogatories” differentfrom and related to each other? Requirements: Few sentences a question   |   .doc file

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