Learning Goal: I’m working on a other multi-part question and need an explanatio
Learning Goal: I'm working on a other multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Part 3: The Finalized Action PlanAs you conclude this three-part assignment that began in Unit VI, you will be applying many of the course concepts that have been discussed in this unit and in previous units by conducting a well-researched analysis.For the final portion of the assignment, refer to the comments left by the instructor on the second portion of the project (Unit VII) surrounding your selected organization or department.Now that the organization or department has been identified and the action plan has been developed, it is time to manage the stresses associated with the changes that are sure to invoke a range of emotions for the organization’s workers and stakeholders.To accomplish this, you will need to complete the components below.Compare and contrast possible feelings and ensuing behaviors and actions that may result from the plan’s implementation. Recommend strategies that you would utilize in order to successfully acknowledge, address, and manage these behaviors. (Note: Your strategies should address at least two entities—the organization or department as a whole and public stakeholders). Relate qualities and considerations that are unique to public administrators and best practices in collaboration. Your final segment must be at least three pages in length and utilize the remaining four of the sources found in your initial Unit VI Scholarly Activity or selected replacements. If sources were previously used, they may be used again in addition to four new sources.Since this is the final portion of the assignment, you will need submit one finalized version of your action plan consisting of the work you completed for Units VII and VIII. Altogether, your paper must total at least six pages in length.Be sure to properly format your title page and reference page in APA style, and keep in mind that the aforementioned do not count toward meeting the six-page minimum requirement.Resources Requirements: 6 pages

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