Learning Goal: I’m working on a other exercise and need an explanation and answe
Learning Goal: I'm working on a other exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Access homework This is individual – 5 points This is conceptual – just want to know your understanding of database concepts. Write answers in word document. It is not an assignment using access. Submit on blackboard. Describe on paper a database for your personal or small business use. Describe the purpose of the database and why it will be useful to you. What will you name the database? What are some examples of fields you will need? Have a least 1 text, 1 numeric, 1 currency and 1 date. What tables will you need. Name at least 3 because you want to show relationships. What primary key will you use? How will you show relationships across your tables? Give 3 queries you might use and explain the purpose of each. What would you use a form for? Describe a report you would need from the database. Here is an example: Database – I own a bike rental business and I need a database to keep track of customers, rentals, and bikes. This will simplify my work and allow me to run various reports to provide summary information. Bike Rentals Cust_Number, Name_First, Name_Last, Rental_Date, Rental_Price, Bike_Type, Number_Bikes Tables: Customers, Bikes, Bike_Rentals Cust_Number Relationships – link through primary and foreign keys. Queries: I would use a form to input data for each customer as they come in to rent bikes. I need a report of total rentals and money made by each bike type. How many bikes were rented on April 17 that were mountain bikes. What is total money made on rentals from customers on April 16 and April 17. How much money was made from customers with last name Baker on April 17.

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