Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing project and need a sample draft to help
Learning Goal: I'm working on a nursing project and need a sample draft to help me learn.or your presentation, you will dedicate 1 to 3 slides to each item listed in the outline. Please be sure to address each item listed. See below:Slide: Title PageSlide: Outline (this is the slide(s) from Week 1)Slide: Discuss your chosen Healthy People 2030 ObjectiveSlide: Discuss the epidemiology, incidence, prevalence, and cost-burden of the problemSlide: Describe the problem and the specific populationSlide: Discuss how the Healthy People 2030 objective intends to address/improve the problem or populationSlide: Discuss the legislators who are working on the problem and the policies they are working on to improve the problemSlide: Discuss how the policy influences clinical practice and is used to promote best outcomesSlide: Discuss how the policy can be used by an inter-professional team to improve the problemSlide: Conclude: provide a summary of the problem, the policy, the solution, and your analysisSlide: ReferencesFollow APA formatting and use peer-reviewed referencesUSE ATTACHED POWERPOINT AND ADD TO IT PLEASE THANKS- this also has the healthy people 2030 topic that is chosen in it which is Increase the proportion of women who had a healthy weight before pregnancy Requirements: as shown in question   |   .doc file

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