Learning Goal: I’m working on a mysql discussion question and need an explanatio
Learning Goal: I'm working on a mysql discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This is an individual assignment. In this assignment you are expected to implement the data model produced for Merrill Hand Tools Ltd. Your database should be suitable to keep an inventory of the tools the company manufactures and sells. It should support relevant business processes in the organisation, including manufacturing and sales and fulfilment of orders. Therefore, the database should record suitable and enough data regarding raw materials used in the company, and the levels required to manufacture each tool; customers and suppliers; production lines and their scheduling; deliveries of raw materials received from suppliers; orders placed by customers; test conducted on tools, and faults reported by purchasers, among others. You are expected to determine the tables to be implemented. Create the tables, and correctly set primary keys, foreign keys, data types, and other constraints, and help make the constraints manageable. Create sample records, and create and run several queries that address the information needs of Merrill Hand Tools Ltd. Requirements: 3000

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