Learning Goal: I’m working on a information technology discussion question and n
Learning Goal: I'm working on a information technology discussion question and need support to help me learn. 1)Select from the following list four (4) topics and discuss. Use only 50-words max per topic to discuss and present your answer. The discussion questions this week are from Chapter's 8 & 9 (Jamsa, 2013). Chapter 8 topics: Define and describe virtualization. Defend the following statement: Virtualization is not a new concept within computer science. Describe the various types of virtualization. List the pros and cons of virtualization. Discuss the attributes of applications that are not well suited for virtualization. List reasons why companies should virtualize. List the benefits of blade servers. Define and describe the hypervisor. Define and describe green computing. Describe the concept of the desktop on demand, and include the benefits of such a system. Chapter 9 topics: List the security advantages of cloud-based solutions. List the security disadvantages of cloud-based solutions. Define and discuss the data wiping process. Discuss how a cloud-based solution provider may reduce the risk of a DDoS attack. Define and discuss hyperjacking attacks. Define and discuss guest-hopping attacks.

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