Learning Goal: I’m working on a history multi-part question and need an explanat
Learning Goal: I'm working on a history multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1. First, post your Draft of your Recommendation Report worth 5 points. Grading will be one of the following: draft not posted (0 of 5 points); draft posted but halfway done (3 of 5 points); or draft posted with the majority or more done including References (5 of 5 points). This part would be due in 15 hours 12/30/21 by 12 pm ESTPost it as an attachment using the Skeleton Draft document. I will provide the document that needs the review. Then, post a review of a peer's Draft using the form here worth 15 points. Find his/her Draft below as his/her first post. Read his/her notes about the Draft as they will be helpful in providing suggestions for improvement.2. The recommendation Report Draft See Modules: Recommendation Report for Mediasite lectures and important documents related to this assignment. Use the template below to do the draft: This part would be due 12/31/21 by 3pm EST Rec Report Skeleton DRAFT ONLY rev. 2020 Download Rec Report Skeleton DRAFT ONLY rev. 2020Submit your Draft, fully completed including all 3 of 3 criteria paragraphs--the developed paragraphs, not matrix paragraphs, Figure 1 including analysis paragraph, and all References. Points will not be deducted for errors; you will only earn point deductions if your Draft is incomplete, off topic, includes filler, late or not submitted at all. Download See here for directions for "view feedback" option. If you have any errors, be sure they are corrected in your next assignment; that way, you will avoid point deductions for the same errors. Late submitters: your feedback comes 3-4 days after you submit the paper, so be aware that if you are late, you may not get feedback in time to make corrections on the next assignment. 3. For this practice, you will post your last criterion paragraph along with Figure 1 with caption and citation, and the analysis paragraph for Figure 1. Since formatting is difficult in Canvas, submit this as an attachment in an MS Word document. Do not include the title page, other paragraphs, and the References page; these parts can just be deleted or not included for this practice work. Note that whether you paragraphed/ summarized correctly and avoided plagiarism won’t be checked for this practice. Be sure to use the correct skeleton for this Final draft assignment linked here. This section would be due by1/2/22 by 3pm EST.Attached are videos and the documents from the lecture that has all the information needed to completing these assignments. Recommendation Report Parts I, II, III, & IVhttps://fau.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/366b52ecfabf4b81902bf4753c52f06f1d (Links to an external site.)Recommendation Report Part I Directions, Rubric, & Researchhttps://fau.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/a22a07eeb5d94842983f6067f2fc51501d (Links to an external site.)Recommendation Report Part II Skeleton Drafthttps://fau.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/6781a0c41d8a4edaa70f298940473f291d (Links to an external site.)Recommendation Report Part III Matrix & Figure 1https://fau.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/d039a2b480294164a440afa938d936d81d (Links to an external site.)Recommendation Report Part IV Skeleton FinalNote that the "magic phrase" is only said in one of the presentations.Here are the corresponding documents discussed in these lectures: Rec Report Directions and Rubric rev. 2020 Rec Report Research rev. 2020 Rec Report Skeleton DRAFT ONLY rev.2020 Rec Report Matrix rev. 2020 Rec Report Figure 1 APA 7th rev. 2020 Rec Report Skeleton FINAL rev.2020 Requirements: Pages   |   .doc file

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