Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need an explanation
Learning Goal: I'm working on a english writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. In this paper (7-11 pages), you will be acting as a scientist observing yourself for the last five years and conducting a “case study” on the way your subject (you) handles conflict. In other words, this is an analysis of YOU, from the perspective of a communication scientist, to better understand your interpersonal communication tendencies when it comes to conflict resolution (which will, hopefully, help you improve your handling of conflict!). Acting as this scientist who has observed you for the last five years, you will begin by having your subject (you) take the conflict resolution assessment survey. Then, you will have 3 other people who are closest to your subject complete the survey ON YOUR SUBJECT, meaning that these three close others will do the same survey your subject did, but instead of doing it on themselves, they will fill it out to express what they think about your subject’s conflict resolution tendencies. Once you, as a scientist, have these four surveys completed, you will be ready to write this paper. There are four total sections in this paper. In the first section (2-3 pages), you will introduce the subject and the project and reveal your subject’s survey results. Then, you will discuss the extent to which you, as the scientist, agree or disagree with those results based on everything you know about your subject (i.e., your observations of their conflict resolution style in the past 5 years). In the second section (approx. 2-3 pages), you will reveal what your subject’s close others’ results were. Then, comment on the extent to which you found these results surprising. For example, do the subject’s close others have a different view of their conflict resolution tendencies then the scientist? If there are significant differences, please comment on why you, as the scientist, think these differences emerged. (If there are minimal or no differences, comment on what the strengths and weaknesses are of how your subject deals with conflict in their close relationships). In the next section of your paper (approx. 1-2 pages), you will summarize one study that is related to your most commonly used conflict resolution style or your least commonly used conflict resolution style. Conclude this section by explaining what novel insight you gained about that particular conflict resolution style, especially how that insight can be used practically in your life. In the final section of this paper (approx. 2-3 pages), reflect on WHY you think your subject has developed their conflict resolution preferences (You will need to go deeper than ‘David learned this from his parents and friends’ and tell me specific conflict episodes or attitudes that you have “observed over the last five years” that molded your subject to choose these styles). Finally, based on everything you have learned about your subject, would you say they are competent at handling conflict? Why or why not? If they are not good at conflict resolution, what changes to their interpersonal communication would you recommend to improve their conflict management? Be specific here, as this is the most important question of the assignment. This paper will be written in APA format, with proper headings and a cover page. An APA reference page will be included with one reference (the summarized study, only).

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