Learning Goal: I’m working on a education & teaching question and need a sample
Learning Goal: I'm working on a education & teaching question and need a sample draft to help me learn. YOU ASSIGNMENT IS TO: research the topic : SPORTS and THE IMPACT ON AMERICA's CHILDREN TODAY. Research the various lives of Grambling sports figures, Grambling Coaches and others involved with GRAM FAM Sports from birth to present day outlining how their family impacted their lives to become the first African American professional sports figures in the United States. Many of them are graduates of Grambling College and Grambling State University which makes this research even more important. You will explore what barriers they encountered as a children, and how their family lives helped them become one of the greatest of all times in their fields. You will receive recognition later in the semester as a DWC Student Research and Study Contributor and you will be listed with the research publication as well. This is an outstanding opportunity for you to add to your resume and to have this opportunity to add the research in Social Advancement in the fields of Sports and Diversity/Inclusion. See below the Case Study Design for your Service Learning Group Project on the Life of Dianne Durham. Also read the Case Study Guidelines attached below as a guide for for further information. Case Study Outline Study Name: Summary/Abstract (150 – 200 words) A summary of the goal of this study containing a clear case statement. Intro/Overview– (250-400 words) Share an overview of the person's career and the history of Black American sports fugures. Tie in any influential Black sports figuress who came before or after the figure you are writing about. Discussion – (500 + words) Share the impact of the career on the figure you are writing about and share statistics about the increase in the sport that has come from representation (seeing others perform on TV and at the Olympics) and access are examples of the impact). Findings – (500 + words) Depending on the research findings, demonstrate the increase in access or need for increased access to primarily the Black community. Introduce data scholarships to college and a collegiate sports and the racial breakdown. Introduce data on the financial impact of the sports program on the collegiate athletics. Introduce findings on the implications of HBCU programming. Recommendations & Implementation– (250-500) Provide a conclusive recap of Discussion and Findings sections. Make a case to continue their athletic and academic careers in HBCUs as an urgent social justice concern. Briefly outline the implementation of adding a competitive edge. Conclusion – (150-300) Close with clear case statement and supporting information.

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