Learning Goal: I’m working on a data analytics question and need an explanation
Learning Goal: I'm working on a data analytics question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Objectives of this study are as follows:The objectives of our research is to investigate the factors affecting the bonus andincentive of Malaysian companies. As the name suggests, bonuses and incentives arenot quantitative and irregular. Whether or how much employees can get dependsentirely on how much economic benefits they can bring to the company. The datashow that the main determinants of bonus and incentive generally come from fouraspects, namely, the individual performance of employees, the performance of variousdepartments, the company's operating performance and the company's future stockreport performance. Therefore, we hope to find out the relationship between thesefour and bonus and incentive through analysis and research. At the same time, wehope that the report can provide some good guidance for the management ofMalaysian company, and improve their decision-making level in making futurestrategic deployment, so as to create better performance for the company.Questions:1. Descriptive Statistics (Introduction; Pilot Studies; Research Methods )Question 2: Discuss and analyze research findings (correlation analysis; multiple regression analysis)Question 3: Find out mean, median, std.dev., Q1, Q3, Attached is the excel sheet for raw data Requirements: 1500 words

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