Learning Goal: I’m working on a article writing multi-part question and need an
Learning Goal: I'm working on a article writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. For this assignment you will write 1 paragraph The core concepts for a qualitative research must be described clearly and appropriately. Please only bid if you know how to write qualitative research .Attached is a summary of how the Qualitative Research will be conducted, and research questions for qualitative research. Qualitative Research The research problem for this research study is the lack of parental support in special education. The research question will be based on this problem. The research question is how the lack of parental involvement and support in special education affects the child’s performance. With the research question defined, a literature review will be conducted to collect and analyze data from previous related studies. Since this is qualitative research, the hypothesis will not be a yes or no statement. Instead, it will be a “what” or “how” question. It is hypothesized that the lack of parental involvement in special education lowers the child’s motivation and contributes to poor performance. This research will be a case study on parental involvement in special education, including the causes and implications on student performance. Goldman and Burke (2017) conducted a systematic analysis of literature on this topic and concluded that the existing literature normally focuses on parental involvement in general education and neglects special education. Therefore, this research builds on this case study to understand why there is limited research on this topic and the implications of parental absence in special education. With the literature review complete and the hypothesis formulated, the next step will be to collect data from the calculated sample. The sample size will be six special education schools in two different counties. Then, interviews and questionnaires will be administered to teachers and parents of students in the selected special education schools. According to Hornby and Blackwell (2018), the obstacles to parental involvement in education include societal factors, parent-teacher relationships, and family factors. Therefore, the results will be classified into these three categories. Data on student performance will also be collected. The data will be analyzed to draw conclusions based on the research question. References Goldman, S. E., & Burke, M. M. (2017). The effectiveness of interventions to increase parent involvement in special education: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis. Exceptionality, 25(2), 97-115. Hornby, G., & Blackwell, I. (2018). Barriers to parental involvement in education: An update. Educational Review, 70(1), 109-119. Research Questions 1.How does parental involvement in special education affect educators' ability to teach children with learning disabilities and identify their special learning needs? 2.Why do some parents of students with learning disabilities fail to support their children in their special education? 3.Why do special education schools allow students to continue learning when they realize the parents are not supportive or available for their children's education needs? 4.How do special education teachers deal with parental absence or lack of support for their children's education? 5.How will the collected data from the calculated sample be used to classify the factors contributing to the lack of parental involvement in special education for their children? 6.How does lack of parental involvement in special education affect the child's attendance, learning, evaluation, progress, and performance? 7.How can the problem of parental absence in special education be solved to ensure students with learning disabilities feel motivated to learn and perform well? 8.How will the collected data from questionnaires administered to the parents determine their level of awareness of their legal obligation to participate in their children's learning process? 9.How will data analysis help determine whether legislation and parental education improve parental involvement in their children's special education? 10.How should special education schools and educators deal with issues of parental absence from their children's education if the established cause of absence is justified or reasonable? References Boonk, L., Gijselaers, H. J., Ritzen, H., & Brand-Gruwel, S. (2018). A review of the relationship between parental involvement indicators and academic achievement. Educational Research Review, 24, 10-30. Đurišić, M., & Bunijevac, M. (2017). Parental involvement as an important factor for successful education. Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal, 7(3), 137-153.

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