Key Assessment EBP Draft 2 I have attached the rubric for both, along with my Dr
Key Assessment EBP Draft 2 I have attached the rubric for both, along with my Draft 1 which was missing the following: "You are missing the assessment section discussing the diagnosis and the criteria the client meets, as well as what assessment measures you have or would use to help confirm diagnosis." please add that section in as well. Evidence-Based Practices and Intervention Sections of Evidence-Based Practice Paper Evidence-Based Practices (Approximately 4-5 pages) In this section, explicitly incorporate principles of logic (your decision-making process), scientific inquiry (how you located and examined the available research), and culturally informed (account for diversity, differences, and cultural humility), ethical approaches, and evaluation data (use NASW Code of Ethics, 2021) to appraise clinical practice and program outcomes. As you complete this section, include information about how you will use the process of evidence-based practice to translate research findings into effective practice. In this section, include three or more citations/peer-reviewed articles supporting your practice interventions from BOTH peer-reviewed quantitative and qualitative research methods determining your evaluation of clinical practice and program outcomes (how your program outcomes were met or not met by your clinical outcome). Discern and translate quality evidence-based research for application to the process of decision-making in practice and program contexts. Please use the peer-reviewed research to assess the appropriateness of your clinical interventions as well has how they assessed the effectiveness of the treatment/intervention. Use the articles that you locate to discern and discuss these factors. Discuss your process for locating quality research including quantitative and qualitative methods and how you used that evidence to inform your practice decisions as well as the number of articles you located, and the search terms you used for transparency. You may need to use professional journals in multiple fields. For example, if your case study is about a student who is a client in a school setting, your quantitative and qualitative research articles can derive from both mental health journals as well as education. If you are working with an older adult in a geriatric setting, your research should involve health care and mental health. Intervention(s): (Approximately 2 pages) You will also use informed decision-making identified in the evidence-based practice section to identify and justify your methods of intervention with the client. Using the example above, that would be CBT. Determine a minimum of two goals and describe the objectives for each goal. Write S.M.A.R.T goals and objectives in an outline format. Each SMART goal needs to have a minimum of three objectives. Decide on whether your intervention will be short or long term and give a rationale. Using at least two or more peer-reviewed research articles, describe the interventions you would use, and how you believe this will help the client change and function more effectively. Be explicit about how your interventions are grounded in evidence, and how the specific approach/es selected are expected to facilitate treatment goal achievement. Finally, describe how your HBSE theories help inform your interventions. For example, if your intervention is CBT, your HBSE theories will likely discuss behaviorism and cognitive development.

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