JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound a
JUST A LITTLE SIDE NOTES ABOUT ME: PLEASE write/create the assignment to sound as you are ME and, from my perspective as a Christian with a Christian worldview and beliefs in a Christian school. This is urgent. Please keep in mind that I have a 4.0 and need assignments that resemble that for my university. Thank you for your help because your help allows me to use my time to care more for my father and my children during a trialing time in our life right now, your urgency would be greatly appreciated............................... This is for my class called Organizational Leadership from a Christian Worldview Perspective. PLEASE FOLLOW EVERY DETAIL as this is expensive and NO PLAGIARISM as I do run it through multiple sources for plagiarism and grammar. MY PROFESSOR SAID: "This discussion addresses many new trends in organizational culture. At the root of these trends are philosophical/spiritual worldviews such as Postmodernism. To truly be an effective leader in today’s society, Christians must understand a Christ-centered perspective on these worldviews, and moreover, to explain to a lost world how Christ alone can meet the needs that these worldviews attempt to meet." ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCTIONS: (A.)Write a 1-page paper and Read all directions. (B.)READ chapters 9, 13, and 15 [WRITER: the chapters for you to read will be provided in the attached files]. (C.)Watch this slide show and make sure to read the slide shows notes at this link (you can copy and paste it in your browser to see): https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=https%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fems.documents%2FLEA372%2FWorkshop%2B5%2BPresentation.ppt&wdOrigin=BROWSELINK (D.)Ensure ALL of the following questions are discussed: (1.)What is a Christ-centered perspective on differing worldviews? (2.)How can we draw others to Christ through a biblical worldview? (3.)How does a secular worldview attempt to meet people’s needs? (4.)What is the difference between God’s good and man’s good? (E.)Be sure to include information from appropriate texts with proper citations and references. *** This is the course book Reference: [ Yukl, G. (2020). Leadership in organizations. 9h Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall] The book is added in the attached files.

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