Journal entry style (from the Four Situational Leadership Styles)
1. Write a journal entry about the leadership style (from the Four Situational Leadership Styles) you find most comfortable to enact. Explain why you think this is so, and include the scenario(s) when you have used a certain style. What situations may arise in your professional and/or personal life that will require you to use the other leadership styles? How can you become more adaptable to using these other styles? The entry will be typewritten and double-spaced. 2. (3 pg.) 3. Typed, double spaced 4. APA format 7th edition 5. Submit as a WORD DOC I uploaded a word document for more information about (the Four Situational Leadership Styles); please read this information first to get an idea about the topic, and please check the Evaluation Rubric to follow all requirements. Thanks

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