Journal Assignment Due this week: Use your journal this week to start exploring
Journal Assignment Due this week: Use your journal this week to start exploring and uncovering possible topics for your second essay: an ethnographic essay. To prepare for your journal this week, read and review the following sections from your textbook: Read Ethnographic Essay 1 and Ethnographic Essay 2, on pages 303-310. Review all the material in the “Opening Up” section of this chapter, on pages 312-315. Look as well at the “Subject matter” section of the Features of the Form, on page 301, for some examples of different groups other students have written ethnographic essays about, e.g., skateboarders, football fans, and birdwatchers. Complete the following: List different Groups that you are already part of and actively participating in. Identify the name of a person in each group you are a member of whom you could contact during the next two weeks to interview as part of your ethnographic analysis of the group. List different Groups—community or campus or work-related or church or neighborhood or social or philanthropic—that you are not currently involved in but that you’d like to learn more about. Is there a neighborhood watch group in your area? Is there a group for young adults at the church down the street from you? Is there a Masonic Lodge close by? Identify the names of people you might be able to contact during the next two weeks if you decide to conduct your ethnographic research about one of these groups. List different Trends that you would like to explore further. Perhaps you’re interested in the growing popularity of e-sports or edible cannabis shops or in people making changes in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint. Identify websites or names of people whom you could contact during the next two weeks to find out more about a specific trend on your list. List different Hobbies that you may already participate in or that you would like to learn more about. Are you a bowler or Frisbee golfer or sand volleyball player? Have you always wondered what people get out of collecting rocks or salt shakers or stamps? Would you like to learn more about brewing your own beer or gardening or taxidermy? Again, identify names of people whom you could interview about their experiences with your listed hobbies or identify websites that would provide you with contact information. Review the postings in the Course Introduction Discussion Board to see if anyone in class is a member of a group that you could focus on in your ethnographic essay. Consider adding to your own post in that forum the names of any other groups that you are a member of that you didn’t mention previously and that you’d be willing to be interviewed about if someone is interested. In Week 4 you submitted your Analytical Essay for peer review. Now you will return to your group and to the forum in which you posted the first draft of your analytical essay and provide feedback. Please read through the drafts posted by every other group member and offer some constructive feedback about each draft, feedback that you think should help the writer craft a stronger essay and earn a higher grade. When you are ready to begin, please click on the link/title above to access the group Discussion Board for first draft of the analytical essay. Requirements and Guidelines for Your Feedback: Complete your own feedback by no later than 8 a.m. (CT) on Friday of this week in order to give your classmates a chance to incorporate your feedback in revising their final drafts. Your feedback should include responses to the two Questions for Peer Reviewers on page 291 of your textbook and all sub-questions. You are not limited, however, to addressing these questions only. If you see something else about the essay that needs attention and that these questions do not touch on, please bring that something else to the writer’s attention. Do not concern yourself with grammar or spelling or punctuation errors at this point. Everyone should fix mistakes in those areas before submitting the final draft, but you are not proofreading one another’s essays. Provide feedback for ALL drafts (in your group) that were submitted by 8 a.m. (CT) on Wednesday of this week. (You can safely ignore any draft submitted after that day and time.) As long as you make one post about each group member’s draft that contains a thoughtful and substantive answer to both of the required questions for peer reviewers (pp. 291) by the due date and time, you will have satisfied the requirements for this assignment. I would encourage you, however, to read the feedback that others have posted, too, and to offer a follow-up post if needed to voice a different opinion about something if you think your classmate has received the wrong advice. You should each take the feedback you receive seriously, but whether you act on the advice of others is still entirely up to you and your judgment about the validity and utility of the feedback you’ve received.

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