Issue 2: Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Labeled? reply student 1 People ex
Issue 2: Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Labeled? reply student 1 People expose themselves to all different kinds of food anytime they have a meal during the day, but sometimes they cannot eat certain types of food that contain ingredients that they are either allergic to, or cannot have due to a modified diet. I believe that it is important for factories to label genetically modified foods so that way people can distinguish them from regular forms of that food. Like for example, many people are aware that some people have allergies to nuts and seafood, which are two of the most common foods that people keep an eye out for. Also, if people are vegan or vegetarian, then there has to be a way to distinguish foods that actually contain animal products from foods that do not. People would not know the difference just by looking and tasting the food, because any form of "meat" that is made from plant cells can look identical to real meat harvested from animals. Another thing that confuses people is whether foods are gluten-free or sugar-free. Gluten-free bread and sugar-free candy need to be labelled, because people who want to avoid gluten or are diabetic can still crave these kinds of foods, and if these foods were labelled, then this will not lead to any serious health issues. If genetically modified foods were not labelled, then people will mistake it for the regular kind, which might cause them to stop buying those particular foods, or they may carelessly buy these foods without realizing they have incorporated some harmful ingredients into their diets by mistake. Doing this can better the lives of people, and they will worry a lot less about their diet, which in turn will be worth the money spend on grocery shopping. Issue 3: Is The Use of Technology Changing How Teachers Teach and Students Learn? reply to student 2 The way we teach and learn has been greatly improved by technology. It has made it possible for teachers to communicate with students, parents, and other students more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it has made it possible for teachers to deliver more dynamic and interesting lessons that better fit the requirements of students. Students now have easier online and offline access to educational tools and materials because of technology. With more options than students could have imagined. In the past, people could only learn in a classroom. Nowadays, all one needs is a computer and internet connectivity. Therefore, with properly integrated educational technology, children are able to learn more individualized and at their own pace. New avenues are being opened up in schooling via technology. Whether education is offered in person or online, the impact of technology on education has revolutionized how we approach education.

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