Is bullying increasing among children? Or is it the growing awareness of bullyin
Is bullying increasing among children? Or is it the growing awareness of bullying that is increasing? Some individuals argue that bullying must be rising because children are not being raised as morally as they were in previous generations. Think about this: Are we raising children to be less moral? Or is it a changing world, where competition is increasing, that is making it seem like children are lacking morals? Think about these questions, and access some (or all) of the following resources: - - - Other articles on recommendations for teaching moral values to children: - - ** Note: Some of the articles are more opinions than facts (and some may have an underlining meaning of propaganda), but they are included to give you some things to think about. Feel free to find your own resources as well. Your task for this discussion is to: Describe some of the opinions you read (give citations). (2 points) What are some recommendations to help teach moral values to children? Please provide two recommendations for what people can do. Be sure to provide citations for your thoughts. (4 points) What is your opinion of this topic? Are children being raised without morals? Are children really worse off this generation than generations before? Why or why not ? (6 points) Notes for this discussion: Provide citations during your post and a list of references used (at the bottom of your post). You need at least 1 academic journal article reference that you find in Psycinfo. Failing to meet this journal article reference requirement will result in a 3 point reduction. Both citations and references should be given in APA style. Failing to follow APA style will result in 2 points off. The best way to find a journal article is through Psycinfo database in our library website: Example of a citation in APA style: (Amidzic et al., 2006) Example of a reference in APA style: Amidzic, O., Riehle, H. J., & Elbert, T. (2006). Toward a psychophysiology of expertise: Focal magnetic gamma bursts as a signature of memory chunks and the aptitude of chess players. Journal of Psychophysiology, 20(4), 253-258. There is a one-to-one relationship between citation and reference meaning when you cite any source, you will list its reference; vice versa--you list any reference, you will have to cite it in the post. Do not use quotations in your discussion post or write word for word from your sources. Write in your own words! Write the facts or mention what an author has to say and then provide a citation.

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