Introduction You will describe the corporate social responsibility (CSR) positio
Introduction You will describe the corporate social responsibility (CSR) position of your company, and then you will select two additional areas from the list below to research and analyze. The result should be an interesting and compelling explanation of the CSR program at your companion company, along with two additional areas researched. You will then analyze this information, thinking critically about the information you found in your research. This research and analysis should be presented in a flowing narrative (paragraphs with full sentences) format with sub-section headings for each area listed and described below. The Corporate Companion Information page contains an overview of the project, research approach advice and videos, and the list of companies being researched. This University of Pittsburgh Library Corporate Social Responsibility Resource (Links to an external site.) s list might be helpful. All sources should be cited in APA style. Content Expected: Introduction: Include the company name, stock symbol, year founded, most recent full-year revenue, headquarter location, and state of incorporation. Assume the reader is not familiar with the company. Corporate Social Responsibility: The company's position (or lack thereof) regarding ethical treatment, fairness, social responsibility, environmental protection, and a commitment to diversity as relates to key stakeholders including employees, suppliers, and customers. Additional Area 1: Select one of the following areas to research: Management: Name of the current CEO and the gender/minority composition of the senior management team, based on appearances. What does this tell you about the company? Structure: An analysis of the company structure: is it organized by business units representing different product lines? different business functions? different customers? Employees: How many people are employed here? Do they all work in the US? Do the US employees work at a single headquarter office? Are they distributed globally? What are some of the key roles/jobs performed by the employees at this company? Reviews: Evaluate the employee reviews of this company from sources such as GlassDoor and Indeed. Summarize the positives and negatives of working for this company, as indicated by the reviews. Additional Area 2: Select one of the following areas to research. Core Values: The company's core values and ways, if any, and ways in which these values are demonstrated in their actions. Philanthropy: The company's contributions to philanthropy. Be sure to include actual annual amounts donated by the company, not by its leaders or employees, and be specific about the recipients of these donations. If you are unable to find information for Area 2 topics, you may instead select another item from Area 1. Analysis: Questions to consider as you analyze this company: Is the company actually achieving its CSR goals? Are their CSR positions enforced throughout their supply chain? Has the company leadership and structure changed over time? What is driving changes in leadership or structure? Based on the dates of the reviews, are the reviews getting better or worse? Why might this be happening? Do your findings change your perception of this company? Feedback (Include this at the end of your paper) How was your experience in preparing and researching the company you choose for this assignment? Did you find the information provided above useful? What resources did you find most helpful? What areas did you struggle with? How this works: Write your report in a word processor, checking for grammar and spelling errors. Proofread it, and ask someone you know to also proofread your work. If you are not sure how to approach this assignment, please contact me early on for assistance. You may also refer to our Business Writing Workbook Download Business Writing Workbook for assistance. This content should be presented in 1 to 2 pages of 1.5 line spacing which should be about 400 to 800 words. All sources should be cited in APA style. Please review your response against the grading rubric Download grading rubric for this assignment before submitting it.

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