Introduction We have begun our course by negotiating in a group for negotiation
Introduction We have begun our course by negotiating in a group for negotiation guidelines and salary negotiations. Now it is important to practice your skills in an individual negotiation. This assignment will give you the opportunity to focus on planning as a means of success in negotiations. There are two rules you must follow. First, you are not allowed to resort to a plea of “Please help me out, this is for a class…”. You may not tell the person you are negotiating with that this is for a class project until the negotiation is completed (and then you can decide whether or not you want to tell them). Second, you must be willing (at some price, under some conditions) to acquire the item for which you are negotiating. Do not start a negotiation in which you would never want to come to agreement (i.e., do not waste the Ferrari dealer’s time). You will not be evaluated on how successful the outcome is, but rather how well you planned the negotiation (using class concepts and strategic thinking) and how well you analyze what happened. Tips for Success As you think about something you want to negotiate, you need to review and reflect on what you have learned so far in the course, i.e., the Six Foundations of effective negotiating. The Information-Based Bargaining Plan will help you with planning and preparation. Activity Instructions In a written paper, provide an introduction to your personal negotiation exercise and complete the appropriate documents to describe the processes and outcomes. Be sure the final result of the negotiation is clearly stated in your analysis. Reflect on the prompt to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and include citations. Be sure to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation before submitting your work. 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page with topic and name of student Citations in APA format and reference page

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