Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 2753) Summer 2021 Race Due date: June 30, 2021,
Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 2753) Summer 2021 Race Due date: June 30, 2021, by 11:59 pm Assignment 9: Critical Thinking Research Paper (30 percent of your final grade) (a) Study Chapter 9 in your textbook and ask a librarian for help in sourcing at least two peer-reviewed articles for your research paper. (b) Choose a racial group (minority group) for your paper: a. African Americans b. Asian Americans (Chinese Americans) c. Asian Americans (Japanese Americans) d. Latino/Hispanic Americans- (Cuban Americans) e. Latino/Hispanic Americans- (Puerto Rican Americans) f. Latino/Hispanic Americans- (Mexican Americans) g. Middle Eastern Americans h. Native Americans (c) Write a paper about your selected racial group. You are required to cover the following topics as they relate to your racial-ethnic group: I. History/immigration to the United States (history for Native Americans) II. (a) Social and economic standing of your racial and ethnic group in contemporary U.S. society. (b) Using elements of the conflict theory, explain their social and economic standing. (d) Use the paper plan below. (e) For your best work, submit a draft of your paper to Brainfuse or solicit help from the UAFS Writing Center. (Submit a copy of the report you will receive from your Brainfuse tutor or the UAFS Writing Center tutor). Paper Format: · Use the paper outline below. · Length: A minimum of 1600 words - double-spaced pages. · Include a list of references (APA format- see the Course Resources tab in Blackboard for an APA style guide). · I expect to see ample in-text sources – be careful with plagiarism (you will attain an automatic “F” if you plagiarize)….. submissions will be checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign. · Font type and size: Times New Roman, 12 point font · Margins: 1 inch on all sides. · Submit as a Word document Research Paper - Paper Ouline Race 1.0. Introduction Provide an overview of your racial group. Write an overview as the background to your paper's research objectives (informed by the literature, not by your subjective assertions or by conjecture). How? Select two to three riveting findings from the literature about your racial/ethnic group. Attention grabbers to catch the reader's attention. Can be surprising statistics from a reliable source(s). The introduction of the paper should briefly describe everything that you want to say in your paper. Someone reading your introduction should get a good idea of what the paper is all about. 1.1. Objectives of the paper Identify the specific objectives for your paper based on the stated requirements of the paper [see assignment sheet- number (c)]: 1._____________________________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________________________ For example: In this paper, the author addresses three main objectives. First, an examination the immigration patterns of __________Americans to the United States. (If you are studying Native Americans, an examination of the history of Native Americans). This is followed by a discussion of the social and economic standing of ___________Americans in contemporary U.S. society. Finally, relevant elements of the conflict theory are applied in explaining the current social and economic standing of ____________Americans. Approximately 250-400words (20 points) Body of the Paper This is where you present the body of your findings/research based on the specified objectives and assignment requirements. 2.0. Immigration of __________Americans to the United States. (Here, you describe the critical elements of the waves of immigration of your racial group to the United States. Discuss push and pull factors of migration for your racial group. If you choose to study Native Americans, do history instead of immigration, since Native Americans are indigenous). Approximately 200-400 words (25 points) 2.1. The Social and Economic Standing of ___________Americans in the Contemporary U.S. Approximately 200-400words (25 points) Cover: Educational attainment Median income Unemployment rate The percentage in poverty, etc. (in comparison to Caucasian Americans-the majority group), and the implications of these standings for your group. (In addition to your textbook, the Pew Research Center and Census.Gov are sources for such data. Also, you may ask your librarian for help). 2.2. Applying Elements of the Conflict Theory in Explaining the Current Social and Economic Standing of ____________Americans. Approximately 200-300 words (20 points) (This should include a brief summary of the principles of the conflict theory. See the lecture on Understanding theories for the key elements/principles of the conflict theory). 3.0. Conclusion Summarize the main findings/points/arguments and spell out the findings you have drawn from your research…. Relate them to the objectives outlined in the introduction. Approximately 150-200 words (10 points) 4.0. Bibliography (APA format) You are invited to have a one-on-one Collaborate or Zoom session with me, your professor, to discuss your paper; arrange for this by emailing me: Enjoy! J

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