Introduction The purpose of this and other Primary Source Analyses is to gain fu
Introduction The purpose of this and other Primary Source Analyses is to gain further insight into how the events discussed in class impacted society. The key for this type of assignment is how do we interrupt these objects today in the 21st century. The Assignment For this assignment, click on the assignment link below "Primary Source Analysis - [A Letter from] Jackie Robinson To President Lyndon B. Johnson" Tm. Grading Criteria Respond to the questions found within the assignment below. The key to these assignments is interpretation and understanding the meaning behind the sources provided. Each assignment is worth a total of 100 points that will count towards your assignment grade. Resources The resources required for these assignments are provided in the link. For example, if the assignment requires you to look at a political cartoon, one will be provided. You may also use your lecture notes and other scholarly sources if you need additional evidence. To Submit The submission for these assignments is very straightforward. Simply respond to the questions, using either the "Text Submission" section below or upload with your own document (must be in either PDF or .docx!) and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions at all, just let the instructor (Ms. Presnell, know! Questions: Visit ( [opens to the National Archives website]. Once here, read the two page letter from Jackie Robinson written to President Lyndon B. Johnson. Note: the image to the right hand side of the page is the document, each page will need to be clicked on separately. After reading the letter, describe what its contents are and what significant events from the 1960s it relates to. Finally, what are your personal interpretations of the document

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