Introduction to the research paper with your thesis statement

Introduction to the research paper with your thesis statement

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This week you will write your introduction to the research paper, including your thesis statement. Do not write more than one paragraph.  Listen to my lecture on how to write the introduction.

Sample: Yes, for full credit, your paragraph should model the paragraph below. 

Democracy is a political system that limits the government's power and expands the rights of the people. The United States states functions as a democratic republic whereby the people give their consent to a handful of individuals, whom they elect to represent them, formulate and apply policies and make decisions on their behalf.  The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact that ___________________ has had on advancing democracy in the United States. Particular emphasis will be placed on _________________


1. Briefly define democracy and evaluate one of the items from the list below that you feel has the greatest impact on advancing democracy in the United States.


Civil War Amendments          Due process protections        Limited government

Gender Equality                      Interest groups                     

Right of Privacy                      voting & election                 1st Amendment rights

Civil Rights Cases                   Bill of Rights                       Role of media and political parties

Political Socialization                       Public Opinion                   Media

Civil Liberties Cases               Ideology                              Three branches of government

Bicameral Legislature             Federalism                           Political formation (domestic/foreign)

Political Parties                       Bureaucracy                         Constitution


Before you post, I suggest that you read the three sample papers and review my video lecture on the paper.

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