Introduction to court litigation
In this discussion you will define personal jurisdiction for a corporation and explain how personal jurisdiction is established. Fact Pattern Five years ago Monica Geller opened up a coffee shop, Locals’ Coffee, in New York City. Locals’ Coffee was a big hit among the locals, and Monica decided to expand her business by opening more coffee shops. Each year, Monica opened a new location—each in New York. Business was booming. Locals’ Coffee became so popular that a lot of tourists from all over the United States started visiting Monica’s shops. Knowing she had many tourists coming to her stores, Monica started selling bags of coffee beans so her clients could enjoy her coffee at home as well. One day, Ross Geller visited Locals’ Coffee because he had read great reviews about the coffee shop on Yelp. Ross loved the coffee so much that he bought 20 bags of coffee (worth $400) from Locals’ Coffee so he could enjoy the coffee back at his home in New Jersey. Several weeks later, Ross opened a bag of Locals’ Coffee only to find it was filled with pebbles. He immediately filed a lawsuit in New Jersey against Locals’ Coffee. The courthouse is one hour away from one of the store locations for Locals’ Coffee. Does New Jersey have personal jurisdiction over Locals’ Coffee? Locals’ Coffee is incorporated in New York and has its principal place of business in New York. PromptAnswer yes or no.Provide the definition of personal jurisdiction for a corporation and explain how personal jurisdiction can be established.Use the facts provided to support your conclusion.Identify some arguments for the other side and explain why they are not persuasive. Keep your response to no more than two paragraphs.

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