Introduce yourself to your classmates by writing three paragraphs. After everyon
Introduce yourself to your classmates by writing three paragraphs. After everyone has posted, please respond to two classmates who may share similar backgrounds or educational experiences with you. Also, you may attach a digital picture of yourself to the posting. Here is some information you might want to share with your classmates in paragraph one: Your name and a little personal background about yourself; Your interests, hobbies, sports; Your Future plans; Your Major; What courses you are currently taking and/or plan to take? In paragraph two, please respond to the following: Why are you taking LIT2000? What are your experiences with literature? What are your expectations of this course? Discuss a piece of literature you have read that has made an impact on you. In paragraph three, please respond to the following: Share your reflection on the Introduction chapter from the textbook. It is provided in Module 1: Lesson 1. Your postings will be reviewed according to the following criteria: Writing three well-developed paragraphs about yourself (minimum 300 words). Replying to two of your classmates with meaningful responses with a minimum of 30 words (do not simply write "Nice to meet you. Good luck!"). Following the rules of Standard English (for example, no lowercase "i" for the pronoun I.) Please proofread your writing before clicking the ‘submit’ button!

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