Interview Assignment- Interactions
Interview Topics, Sample Questions, and Due Dates Interactions (due by noon Oct. 3, refer to chapters 4, 5, 6, 7) To examine their own intergenerational/intragenerational interactions, you could discuss: Ask them if they have ever changed how they are speaking to someone, trying to determine their awareness of any accommodations they may have made; Are there accommodations they wish people would make when in interactions with them? What are they and why? Have they ever disclosed their chronological age in conversation? When, why, how, what was the impact, etc? What intERgenerational relationships do they have? What intRAgenerational relationships do they have? How are they similar/different to one another? In what context do they encounter people of ages different than theirs? Do they engage in conversations regularly with people of other ages? Why or why not? Have they used OR been the recipient of patronizing speech? Describe that experience. If they were the recipient, how did they respond? How might they recommend people “correct” a patronizing speech style? What do I submit to the assignment folder? Word documents should be submitted to the assignment folder, and those word documents should contain the details of what you learned in the interview for that topic. Grading will be based on the amount of detail provided. See recommended page limits below. All documents will be submitted to and students should pay careful attention to the originality scores. All interviews should be your own, original work, quoting your interviewee, as needed. The document submitted could contain: 2-4 doublespaced pages of a paper summarizing what you learned in the interview, including quotations from the person; OR 2-4 doublespaced pages of a transcriipt of the interview itself; OR 2-4 doublespaced pages of notes you took during the interview Basically, there is flexibility in how you conduct these interviews, what questions you ask, and how you ask them. The “interview submissions” should be detailed information about what you learned from this person. If they are too short (one page or less), you will not have enough information to complete the final paper or presentation. Since the final paper or presentation will be connecting these interviews to the terminology and research discussed in the textbook and course materials, it would be a great idea to begin those connections when you post information about each interview. This is not, however, required until the final paper or presentation. Each interview submission is worth 10 points; the lowest interview score will be dropped. This assignment sheet is intended to explain the interview assignments AND your final assignment (hint: they are related). All these assignments have different due dates. Although this is a comprehensive assignment sheet, individual assignment reminders will be provided in the relevant modules with the assignment submission folders. From the syllabus: INTERVIEWS: At various points in the semester, students will interview someone who is 25 years older OR 25 years younger than they are. They will interview the same person multiple times during the semester about various topics, as assigned. Each interview is worth 10 points. There will be SIX interview topics/assignments, but only the FIVE highest of these grades will count toward a student’s final grade. In other words, ONE interview can be missed without impacting a student’s grade. Due dates and topics are as follows: Introduction – due by noon on Monday, Sept. 12 Stereotypes – due by noon on Monday, Sept. 26 Interactions – due by noon on Monday, Oct. 3 Media – due by noon on Monday, Oct. 24 Health – due by noon on Monday, Nov. 7 Technology – due by noon on Monday, Nov. 14 FINAL PAPER or PRESENTATION: Students will create a final paper or digital presentation that summarizes the information learned in the interviews, applies course material to those interview experiences, and makes conclusions about the intergenerational experience of these interviews. Details are in an assignment sheet, and this is worth 100 points and due by noon on Dec. 5th. Students are strongly encouraged to focus on their creative strength, whether that be in writing or in developing a multimedia presentation. Whom to interview: Find someone who is 25 years (or more) older than you OR 25 years (or more) younger than you; This person can be related to you but does not have to be related to you; This person needs to be a willing volunteer; This person needs to be willing to be contacted 5-7 times this semester; you will interview this person for all of the interview assignments; This person might be willing to share themselves on video or in photos (not required but would definitely enhance your final project) Once you have found the person you wish to interview this semester, you will interview them about the various topics below. Sample questions are provided, but do NOT let those limit you in your conversations. Use the provided questions as a starting point, and let the conversation flow naturally. For assistance with conducting interviews, use these resources (adapt appropriately to COVID-19 and to non-job interview):

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